High Risk Dietary Supplement List

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  • The purpose of this section is to provide information about relative risk for a limited number of products marketed as dietary supplements. The content here represents examples of products that pose an increased risk of containing prohibited substances. Unless specifically noted, this list does not claim the products actually contain prohibited substances. The information here should be considered in combination with all of the other educational materials on Supplement 411 so that I may learn to identify those features of products that may indicate an anti-doping risk.

  • By publishing this list, USADA does not make any claim about whether these products will or will not cause a positive anti-doping test.

  • By publishing this list, I understand that USADA does not make any statement about whether an athlete should or should not take these products.

  • By publishing this list, I understand that USADA does not make any claim about whether these products are or are not appropriately marketed as dietary supplements.

  • I understand that manufacturers change the formulations of their products extremely rapidly and, at the time of listing, a particular brand name or product may have had a different formulation than that currently on the market. Similarly, a particular formulation of a product listed here may currently be marketed under a new name.

  • This list may contain discontinued products.

  • For tested products, the product, batch, and lot that was tested may not be a representative example of the entire product run, batch run, or lot of this product.

  • If a product is NOT listed here, that does NOT mean it is safe to take, or is devoid of prohibited substances.

  • Even if a product is on this list, does not eliminate an athlete's responsibility to evaluate each dietary supplement product and decide for him or herself whether or not to use the product.

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