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Powered by the experience and values of USADA – the country’s most trusted guardian of sports integrity – TrueSport supports athletes, coaches, and parents by partnering with sport organizations throughout the country to promote a positive youth sport experience. TrueSport’s mission is simple & bold:

To change the culture of youth sport by providing powerful educational tools to equip young athletes with the life skills and core values for lasting success on and off the field.

TrueSport Program

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TrueSport inspires athletes, coaches, parents and caregivers, and administrators to change the culture of youth sport through cornerstone lessons of sportsmanship, character building & Life Skills, and Clean & Healthy Performance, by creating leaders across communities through sport. Working alongside experts in a wide range of fields, from psychology to nutrition, TrueSport provides evidence-informed content and engaging programs reflective of the Olympic spirit. The TrueSport Program will help you deliver TrueSport’s engaging and interactive lessons in any sport setting. Programs can be customized to meet a program’s need. Core components of the TrueSport Program include:

To bring TrueSport to your sport community, or for more information on The TrueSport Program, visit TrueSport or contact:

Dr. Jennifer Royer, Ph.D.
Senior Director of TrueSport & Awareness
(719) 785-2035

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