Sample Collection Rights and Responsibilities


When selected for testing, Athlete's rights include:

  • Having a representative present throughout the doping control process

  • Having a language interpreter present, if available

  • Completing a training session or other activities while the Doping Control Officer (DCO) or Chaperone observes

  • Having the testing procedures explained, including how the sample collection equipment works

  • Requesting to view the DCO's credentials

  • Having a choice of collection vessels and sample collection kits

  • Receiving a copy of all forms used to document the processing of your sample

  • Providing written feedback on USADA’s Athlete Evaluation Form and/or Supplementary Report Form

  • Requesting a delay in reporting to the Doping Control Station for valid reasons

  • Requesting modifications if you have a disability

When selected for testing, Athlete's responsibilities include:

    • Complying with the sample collection procedure**

    • Reporting immediately to the Doping Control Station unless there are valid reasons for delay (In-Competition testing)

    • Bringing a photo ID to the Doping Control Station

    • Staying in direct observation of the Doping Control Officer (DCO) or Chaperone from the time of notification until the sample collection session is complete

    • Keeping the collection vessel and sample in their possession and in view of the DCO at all times

    • Having control of the sample until it is sealed in the sample collection bottles (the DCO may assist the athlete)

    • Ensuring the sample code number is correctly documented on the Doping Control Official Record and

    • Ensuring all appropriate paperwork is accurate, complete, and signed

    **NOTE: As defined by the Code: ‘Refusing, or failing without compelling justification, to submit to Sample collection after notification as authorized in applicable anti-doping rules or otherwise evading Sample collection is an anti-doping rule violation.