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Strategic Plan

Since joining the fight for clean sport on October 1, 2000, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) continues to pursue its mission to protect clean athletes, inspire true sport, and preserve the integrity of competition with our Game Plan 2020 – USADA’s four-year strategic plan developed as our playbook for 2017 through 2020.

Following the successful implementation of Game Plan 2016, USADA has re-committed itself to being at the forefront of the anti-doping movement. In addition to managing a robust testing program, USADA has invested in quality scientific research and engaged with countless athletes, educators, parents, coaches, and kids to help craft a competitive culture where future generations can not only compete clean, but win clean as well.

Under Game Plan 2016, USADA also strengthened its leadership in a wide range of areas, including anti-doping education and results management. Going forward, we will once more look to effectively leverage our success in these areas in order to lead initiatives that preserve the integrity of competition and protect the rights of clean athletes. By preventing, deterring, and detecting violations of true sport, we will do everything in our power to ensure that when athletes step out under the bright lights, they do so with the knowledge that they are competing on a level playing field – and that when they win – the world will know they did so the right way.

USADA will continue to influence the global anti-doping movement as well, utilizing our resources as efficiently as possible to ensure that athletes abroad are held to the same high standard as those who live, train, and compete in the United States. Recent events, most notably the unfortunate resurfacing of state-supported doping in Russia, have shown us that we all must have the will and determination to truly fight the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sport. As such, USADA will continue to be a leading voice in the quest to assure that all athletes, both home and abroad, have the opportunity to compete clean and win.

Since the beginning, clean athletes have been our guiding light, and we will never waiver in our support of those who choose to compete with integrity. Clean athletes everywhere can trust that USADA will do everything possible to protect their rights, and developed through the collaboration of internal and external stakeholders, Game Plan 2020 outlines the goals and strategies we will rely on to deliver on our mission and fulfill our vision. Make no mistake, these are defining days in the fight for clean sport, and as an organization, we extend our sincerest thanks to those who contributed to this initiative and helped us find a way forward for clean athletes around the world.

“We will chase perfection, and we will chase it relentlessly, knowing all the while we can never attain it. But along the way, we shall catch excellence.”
– Vince Lombardi –


To be the guardian of the values and life lessons learned through true sport.


We hold the public trust to:

  • Preserve the Integrity of Competition
    We preserve the value of the integrity of athletic competition through just initiatives that prevent, deter, and detect violations of true sport.
  • Inspire True Sport
    We inspire present and future generations of athletes through initiatives that impart the core principles of true sport – fair play, respect for one’s competition, and appreciation for the fundamental fairness of competition.
  • Protect the Rights of Athletes
    We protect the rights of all athletes to compete healthy and clean – achieve their own personal victories as a result of unwavering commitment and hard work – so they can be celebrated as true heroes.

Core Values

We hold ourselves to the same standards of excellence exhibited by athletes who fully embrace true sport. With that consideration, we commit to the following core values to guide our decisions and actions.

Ethical and honest behavior is a fundamental part of every decision we make and every action we take.

We treat others with the highest degree of dignity, equality, and trust. Every athlete receives fair treatment under the rules.

Our diverse team works collaboratively to achieve our mission in an environment where every team member is heard and feels valued.

As we advocate for clean athletes, we “own” our actions, hold ourselves accountable, and strive to achieve excellence both individually and as a team.

We boldly accept risk and will do what is necessary to protect clean athletes, even when difficult or unpopular. We will never let outside pressures deter us from our mission.

Goals and Strategies

USADA develops its goals and strategies with a focused intent to advance its mission and do what is right for clean athletes. Game Plan 2020’s goals and strategies will incorporate the following guiding principles:

  1. Leadership
  2. Excellence
  3. Innovation

Goal 1

Build a culture of clean and healthy competition within competitive sport.

brad snyder swimming
“I’ve been clean my entire life. Otherwise, everything I’ve achieved athletically, it would all be meaningless. It takes courage to compete clean.”
Brad Snyder
Swimming Paralympic Medalist and TrueSport Ambassador

Goal 1 Strategies

A. Provide values-based education to inspire the next generation of clean athletes.

B. Inform stakeholders with engaging and interactive educational opportunities designed to deter doping and maximize awareness of key messages.

C. Celebrate athletes who win clean, empower them to share their collective voices on a global scale, advocate on their behalf, and protect those who have the courage to speak out.

Goal 2

Be a strong and influential partner in the global anti-doping community.

deedee trotter
“A strong voice for clean sport has the power to inspire meaningful change in the anti-doping community.”
DeeDee Trotter
Track & Field Olympic Medalist and TrueSport Ambassador

Goal 2 Strategies

A. Effectuate meaningful anti-doping change on behalf of clean athletes.

B. Collaborate with leading anti-doping and sport organizations to ensure worldwide compliance and accountability.

C. Forge new global anti-doping programs and partnerships.

D. Leverage our relationships with government, law enforcement, and other constituencies to advance anti-doping initiatives.

Goal 3

Leverage innovative research and technology, while employing strategic detection and deterrence methodologies, to preserve a level playing field for clean athletes.

Luge athlete Erin Hamlin raising her fist
“A truly effective anti-doping program combines the latest research and technology to prevent and deter performance-enhancing drug use.”
Erin Hamlin
Luge Olympic Medalist and TrueSport Ambassador

Goal 3 Strategies

A. Be an independent leader in anti-doping detection and deterrence-based scientific research, methods, and technology.

B. Enhance testing capabilities and collaborative alliances.

C. Continue to implement smart and strategic testing plans that fully integrate intelligence gathering and investigations, while maximizing perceptual deterrence principles.

D. Conduct effective testing that ensures the integrity of the process and the health and safety of the athletes.

Goal 4

Govern and manage responsibly.

Cyclist Kristin Armstrong
“Clean athletes have to be able to trust that their rights are being protected and that everything is being done to ensure a level playing field.”
Kristin Armstrong
Cycling Olympic Medalist and TrueSport Ambassador

Goal 4 Strategies

A. Advance the independent administration of anti-doping efforts to ensure that our mission is free of any conflict of interest.

B. Deliver exceptional service to our stakeholders and ensure that all athletes are treated fairly and consistently under the rules.

C. Operate in alignment with financial, technological, and human resource best practices.

D. Capitalize on our value and select strategic opportunities that best serve our mission.

E. Implement performance metrics across all programs and services to ensure organizational excellence.

F. Energize and retain a highly engaged and effective team.

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