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The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) is recognized as the national anti-doping organization for Olympic, Paralympic, Pan American, and Parapan American sport in the United States. The recognition tasks USADA with drug testing and results management responsibilities for these athletes, however, USADA is equally dedicated to preserving the integrity of sport through research initiatives and educational programs that inspire a commitment to true sport in the next generation of athletes.

Internationally, USADA is at the forefront of the anti-doping movement and considered the gold standard in many areas of anti-doping program management. In addition, our employees are held to the same high standards exhibited by athletes who fully embrace true sport: Integrity, Respect, Teamwork, Responsibility, and Courage.

Employees at USADA hold positions in: sport testing, elite athlete education, drug reference resources, science and research, legal affairs, outreach education (TrueSport), communications, business affairs and finance, and information technology. USADA additionally employs more than 60 Doping Control Officers stationed throughout the country responsible for collecting athletes’ samples.

USADA’s office is located near the Rocky Mountain foothills of northwest Colorado Springs, Colorado, a city that is home to the United States Olympic  & Paralympic Committee and numerous Olympic and Paralympic sport national governing bodies.

Watch the videos below to learn more about the team culture at USADA, as well as our team of Doping Control Officers located throughout the world.

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Interested in working with and for clean athletes? A USADA extern or internship may be the right fit for you!

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The Doping Control Officer works with USADA(United States Anti-Doping Agency) to test athletes for the Olympics, Paralympics, and UFC for performance-enhancing substances. The DCO will work with USADA to uphold our goals of creating and maintaining a safe sport environment for all athletes both in and out of sport.

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DOUG BEAL, Former USADA Board of Directors: USADA is incredibly compelling to work with and work for.

MATT FEDORUK, Chief Science Officer: The 50, or so, employees really live and breathe USADA’s vision and mission and values every day. And that’s really motivating and that’s what keeps me enjoying work and coming to work every day.

ADRIAN JONES, Former Client Services Lead: One of the things that attracted me a lot about this opportunity and what enticed me to move out to Colorado Springs, was the ability to work with athletes hands-on, and truly, truly impact their passions, their lives, and help them accomplish all of the goals that they wanted to do.

JENNIFER DODD, Former TrueSport Senior Manager: For TrueSport specifically, my favorite part about coming to work is knowing that we are working towards a pretty big vision, and that is to change the culture of youth sports. We want to make sure that they have a really strong foundation and values in sport, and understand that winning is important and it should be celebrated. But it should be winning the right way.

DOUG BEAL, Former USADA Board of Directors: I can’t think of anyone who’s on this board who isn’t there for the most altruistic reasons that support the mission, support the staff.

EMMY VARGAS, Former USADA Board of Directors: So joining the USADA board, really, I’ve said this is probably the greatest thing that I can do to help bring this vision to life, as an athlete, and now being a gym owner, to the people that I’m going to be working with.

JENNIFER DODD, Former TrueSport Senior Manager: I’ve stayed at USADA now for nine years because we have a really awesome staff, and I think it’s because of the leaders that we have, who really encourage us to work hard and really set pretty high expectations for us to do our jobs and to do them well.

ADRIAN JONES, Former Client Services Lead: USADA has a really good demonstration of appreciation for their employees. One of the main things, I will admit as a recent college grad, is a lot of the benefits that USADA offers. Being able to not have to worry about those kind of things coming out of college was a huge plus for me.

MOLLY T. NORTON, Former Olympic, Compliance and International Relations Director: It has to be one of the best benefit packages out there. It truly is amazing, and they invest in their employees, not just in the work we do, but in our own physical and mental health, in our families, in our personal lives. So, they just invest in the employee as a whole.

SANDI BRIGGS, Chief Financial Officer: My personal favorite part of working at USADA is the food. Every single time that we have a development opportunity, we will make sure that we bring food in. Whether it’s our chili cook-off to throughout the year we have different breakfasts and lunches and allows us to be able to come together on a regular basis and share a meal.

MOLLY T. NORTON, Former Olympic, Compliance and International Relations Director: Some of the cool experiences I’ve had at USADA that I never thought I would have would be just being able to travel around the world. I got to travel to Jordan and lead an anti-doping training for our colleagues in the West Asian countries, and I got to go to the Dead Sea and Petra and experience all of these travels and trips I never would have thought possible in anti-doping.

JACK FELT, Former Distribution and Inventory Coordinator: Prior to coming here, I’d been on an airplane once. So, having that opportunity to travel to different locations that I’d never been to before, to me, was a great experience that USADA’s provided.

DOUG BEAL, Former USADA Board of Directors: The Olympic movement ought to be almost entirely about the sport and the athletes. And I don’t think there’s another organization engaged in the world of sports that does more to create that level playing field than USADA.

ADRIAN JONES, Former Client Services Lead: That direct contact I get back from those athletes and their support personnel is the way that I’m able to truly measure that what we’re doing is effective.

MATT FEDORUK, Chief Science Officer: Every day that I come into work, I experience something different and experience new challenges, which makes it really rewarding in order to come up with solutions and make decisions that are really making a difference in sport

EMMY VARGAS, Former USADA Board of Directors: It’s really exciting to be part of this group that is very focused and dedicated on maintaining that level playing field for all the athletes, not just in my sport. I’m just really looking forward to continuing on the mission with USADA and the rest of the board.

JACK FELT, Former Distribution and Inventory Coordinator: We’re all, essentially, on one team for the same goal of clean sport, that motivated me to really want to stay and be a part of something great.


Doping Control Officers, or DCOs, are truly the face of USADA. DCOs are the ones at an athlete’s door at 6 a.m., and the ones escorting athletes to testing stations after their biggest competitions.

DCOs also shape how athletes and the world understand and view USADA’s mission to protect the integrity of sport. 

What does it take to be in this role? DCOs need to be self-starting and self-motivated. The most successful DCOs are detail-oriented, organized, and efficient – but most importantly – a great DCO embodies USADA’s vision and core values.

It’s a mission that nearly 20 DCOs have been supporting for more than two decades. Are you ready to support clean athletes as they pursue their goals and dreams?