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Athlete Test History

USADA scaled back to “mission critical” testing in mid-March, 2020 following local and state restrictions due to COVID-19. As communities across the country have progressed to re-opening, and athletes are ramping up training, we have responded with increased testing activity to protect the rights of clean athletes and ensure a level playing field. We will continue to adjust our testing activity based on the changing dynamics of public health efforts and the status of the sport community. 

This search includes all in and out-of-competition test sessions on U.S. athletes conducted for USADA’s Olympic, Paralympic, Pan American, and Parapan American testing programs. This search will also include test sessions conducted on U.S. athletes training internationally by other testing entities when the request for the test session was made by USADA.

This search WILL NOT yield results conducted on U.S. athletes by other testing entities if the test session was not requested or initiated by USADA. Test sessions conducted by USADA at the request of other sport organizations, events, International Federations, or individuals are also not included (with the exception of the sports of motocross, professional boxing, and UFC mixed martial arts, which CAN be found in the athlete test history). Because of these exclusions, the total numbers listed below are less than the numbers reported under USADA’s total testing numbers located here. This resource is intended to be used to determine the number of times USADA has organized a test on an individual athlete and is not an accurate representation of USADA’s total testing numbers or the total number of anti-doping tests an athlete will undergo by other and all testing and sport organizations. For questions or clarification, please contact media@usada.org or call 719-785-2046.

This database is updated weekly.

Last Updated: July 7, 2022

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