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Prohibited Association

The individuals listed below have previously served as athlete support personnel (including as a coach, trainer, or other support person) and are currently ineligible under the World Anti-Doping Code (Code) as a consequence of anti-doping rule violations established by USADA. Article 2.10 of the Code prohibits covered individuals from associating with athlete support personnel in a professional or sport-related capacity if the support person is currently serving a period of ineligibility.

Keep in mind that the Prohibited Association rule prohibits both athletes and athlete support personnel from associating with any ineligible individual serving as an athlete support person who is serving a doping sanction. Therefore, the below list of currently sanctioned former athlete support personnel does not identify all individuals with whom those subject to the Code may not associate. Read here for more information on the Prohibited Association rule.

Click here for a list of sanctioned athletes.

WADA also maintains a list of athlete support personnel currently serving a sanction. Access the list here.

Lira, Eric05/08/2029
Chavez, Bernabe 09/01/2025
Prempeh, Ernest Indefinite*
Daniels, Jamaal07/26/2025
Pearson, Keir Lifetime
Glasgow, Scott08/09/2023
Brown, Jeffrey09/29/2023
Salazar, Alberto09/29/2023
Bell, KentaLifetime
Gingras, Michael01/15/2029
Bruyneel, JohanLifetime
Marti, Jose06/11/2027
Celaya Lazama, PedroLifetime
Ferrari, Dr. MicheleLifetime
Leinders, Dr. GeertLifetime
Korchemny, RemiLifetime
Stewart, RaymondLifetime
Graham, TrevorLifetime

*When someone retires, they are still sanctioned but the end date for the sanction is tolled until they return from retirement.