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GlobalDRO logoFind out the status of your prescription and over-the-counter medications. Go to Global DRO, search each medication by brand name or active ingredients, and compare your search results with the table below. Be sure to keep record of your Global DRO Reference number from your search (found in the bottom left corner of your results page).

Can’t find your product? It might be a dietary supplement. TUEs cannot be issued for dietary supplements. Learn more about how you can realize, recognize, and reduce your risks associated with supplements at Supplement Connect.

Emergency Treatment or Emergency Surgery?

Please seek medical care prior to submitting a TUE or TUE Pre-Check Form. Keep any medical documents received during care and check medication status on Global DRO. Please review the Surgery Checklist for a detailed list of information regarding emergent/non-emergent situations.


Using the Global DRO results for each substance, compare your findings to the table below to see if a TUE is necessary. If you have any questions regarding the necessity of a TUE, please fill out and submit the TUE Pre-Check Form below or contact USADA.

Global DRO Results TUE Instructions
In-Competition  Out-of-Competition Registered Testing Pool (RTP), Clean Athlete Program (CAP), and Education Pool (EP) Athletes All Other Athletes
STOP HERE – A TUE is not required for this substance. STOP HERE – A TUE is not required for this substance.
A TUE is required to use or have this substance in your system during the in-competition period. Please fill out the TUE Pre-Check Form below.
A TUE is required to use this substance at any time. Please fill out the TUE Pre-Check Form below.
Please read the “Additional Info” section on your GlobalDRO search results to determine if a TUE is needed. Please fill out the TUE Pre-Check Form or contact USADA if you need clarification on the conditions.

*Registered Testing Pool (RTP) athletes are formally notified by USADA or their IF and are required to submit regular Whereabouts information. Clean Athlete Program (CAP) athletes are formally notified by USADA and are required to submit partial Whereabouts information. Education Pool (EP) athletes are formally notified by USADA and are required to provide contact information. If this does not sound familiar, then you are probably not in the USADA RTP, CAP, or EP.

STEP 3 - TUE Pre-check form

Please complete and submit the form below to determine if you need to apply for a TUE for your medication in question. A copy of this form will be sent to the email address entered below. If you do not receive a copy, please check your spam folder and/or resubmit the form and verify the email address is correct. Once this form is submitted successfully, you will receive a response from the USADA TUE and Drug Reference Department within 3-5 business days.


UPDATE: The TUE pre-check form is currently disabled due to technical issues. If you have any questions, please email tue@USADA.org or call (719) 785-2045. The form should be live by mid-January. We thank you for your patience.

    Section 1: Athlete Information
    Athlete Name:

    Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy):

    Sex Assigned at Birth: FemaleMale

    Contact Email:
    Please verify that your email address is correct as a copy of this form will be sent to you.

    Contact Phone Number:

    Athlete Sport: To select more than one sport, hold Ctrl or list other sports in the field below.

    If other, please specify your sport.:

    Section 2: TUE Pre-Check Questions
    Please answer the following questions by filling in the blanks or selecting "Yes," "No," or "Not Sure."

    Please list all prohibited or conditional substances and medications you are currently taking. Please include the substance, dosage, route of administration, and frequency of the medications. Example: Albuterol (90mcg, inhaled, two puffs daily). You can check the status of your medication at Global DRO.

    Is this TUE for an IV infusion or injection greater than 100mL in 12 hours?
    YesNoNot Sure

    Treatment Duration:

    Global DRO Reference Number(s) You can get a Global DRO Reference Number by checking the status of your medication on Global DRO.

    1. Are you an International OR National Level Athlete? (defined below)
    YesNoNot Sure

    2. Are you entered in an International Event in the Open/Elite category? (defined below)
    YesNoNot Sure

    2a. If Yes in question 2 above, please provide event name(s) and date(s):

    3. Do you have an Elite/Professional membership/license or hold an active membership for any International Federation (IF) OR National Governing Body (NGB)?
    YesNoNot Sure

    3a. If Yes in question 3 above, please provide your membership number and status below:

    4. Are you registered to compete as a Professional Athlete in any event?
    YesNoNot Sure

    4a. If Yes in question 4 above, please provide event name(s) and date(s):

    5. Have you ever been in a Whereabouts Information Pool for USADA or any other Code Signatory Sport Organization?
    YesNoNot Sure

    6. Have you ever officially represented the USA in an International Event?
    YesNoNot Sure

    6a. If Yes in question 6 above, please provide event name(s) and date(s):

    7. Have you ever won an International or National Championship in ANY category?
    YesNoNot Sure

    7a. If Yes in question 7 above, please provide event name(s) and date(s):

    8. Have you ever received support or funding from the USOPC?
    YesNoNot Sure

    9. Have you ever served a period of Ineligibility for committing an anti-doping rule violation?
    YesNoNot Sure

    10. Are you an NCAA Student-Athlete?
    YesNoNot Sure

    11. List the Name(s) and Date(s) of your next competition(s):

    12. Comments and Questions:

    Click here for more information on USADA’s Privacy Policy.


    Code Signatory Sport Organization: Sport organizations who have officially accepted the World Anti-Doping Code as their core document to harmonize their anti-doping policies, rules, and regulations. 

    Elite/Professional IF or NGB Membership/License: Membership or license issued by an International Federation or National Governing Body for Athletes who meet criteria as highly competitive professional Athletes. This excludes memberships/licenses in the Age-Group, Junior, Collegiate, Masters, or General categories. 

    International or National Championship: Competing at the highest level at sporting events such as World Championships for an International Federation or Major Event Organization OR National Championships for National Governing Bodies of Olympic/Paralympic Sport. — Age-Group, Junior or Masters National Championships are excluded from this. 

    International Event: An Event or Competition where the International Olympic Committee, the International Paralympic Committee, an International Federation, a Major Event Organization, or another international sport organization is the ruling body for the Event or appoints the technical officials for the Event. 

    International-Level Athlete: Athletes who compete in sport at the international level, as defined by each International Federation, Major Event Organization, or other international sport organization’s anti-doping rules, consistent with the International Standard for Testing and Investigations. 

    Footnote: For purposes of this Policy, this will typically include Athletes designated by one or more International Federation as being within the Registered Testing Pool or other whereabouts information pool for the International Federation, or any Athlete planning to compete in an International Event. 

    National Governing Body (NGB): National Governing Bodies are organizations that govern and manage all aspects of their individual sports within the United States. NGBs are responsible for training, competition and development for their sports, as well as nominating athletes to the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic teams. They also govern and administer areas such as but not limited to – rules and regulations, anti-doping, sport eligibility, membership, officiating, child protection and equality and competitions/events 

    National-Level Athlete: Any Athlete who is in the USADA Registered Testing Pool, Clean Athlete Program, or Education Pool, or who has been within the last ten years (but is not currently) included within any Registered Testing Pool or other whereabouts information pool maintained by any International Federation or National Anti-Doping Organization, and does not otherwise meet criteria to be considered an International-Level Athlete is a National-Level Athlete. And any Athlete who is selected or is otherwise on a team representing any country in an International Event in an open/elite category or, within the five years prior to committing any anti-doping rule violation, was an International-Level Athlete, National-Level Athlete, or represented any country in an International Event in an open category is a National-Level Athlete. 

    Open/Elite/Professional: Any competitive category that DOES NOT include Age-Group, Junior, Collegiate, Masters, or other amateur classifications. 

    Whereabouts Information Pool: The top tier is the Registered Testing Pool (RTP) & includes Athletes (International and/or National) subject to the greatest amount of Testing who are required to provide whereabouts in accordance with Article The tiers below the International and/or USADA RTP include the USADA Clean Athlete Program (CAP) & USADA Education Pool (EP). 

    USOPC: United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee. 

    TUE Questions? Contact Us.

    Drug Reference Line
    Toll-Free Phone: (800) 233-0393
    Phone: (719) 785-2080
    Email: drugreference@USADA.org

    Phone: (719) 785-2045
    Email: tue@USADA.org

    Toll-Free Phone: (800) 601-2632

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