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USADA Announces Initial Research Grant Recipients

The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) awarded its first two research grants in 2002 in the fight against doping, USADA Senior Managing Director Larry Bowers announced Friday.

“Research into the issues in doping and detection of new doping chemicals and techniques are an integral part of attacking the doping issue, along with education and testing,” said Bowers.

The first research grant was awarded to The Hastings Center for a proposal entitled “Ethical, Conceptual, and Scientific Issues in the Use of Performance Enhancing Technologies in Sport.”  This study will focus on the ethics and values involved in developing rules in the area of oxygen transport enhancement, including technologies from altitude tents to recombinant EPO and EPO gene therapy.  One goal of the grant is to develop clear guidelines for sport and athletes as to where acceptable practices end and cheating begins.  The Hastings Center, based in Garrison, N.Y., received about $385,000 to support the project.

“The Hastings Center is delighted to take on the challenge of trying to dispel confusion and articulate as clearly as possible the ethical considerations in performance enhancing drug use in sport,” said Dr. Tom Murray, President of the Hastings Center.

The second research award was given to the University of Utah Center for Human Toxicology (CHT) to develop analytical testing procedures.  CHT will receive about $40,000 for their study. These tests will be used in conjunction with animal models to assess the muscle-growing capability of various steroids.

“We’re pleased to be associated with USADA and receive this funding to address the growing concerns about steroid precursors available as dietary supplements,” said Dennis Crouch, co-director of the CHT.

USADA has budgeted $2 million annually for anti-doping research. Announcements of grant funding will occur on a quarterly basis.  A number of proposals are currently under review, with the next announcement expected in the spring.

USADA is the independent anti-doping agency for Olympic sports in the United States, and is responsible for managing the testing and adjudication process for U.S. Olympic, Pan Am and Paralympic athletes. USADA is equally dedicated to preserving the integrity of sport through research initiatives and educational programs.

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