Sample Collection Process

An important centerpiece of USADA's anti-doping efforts is sample collection, also known as doping control. This section explains the sample collection process that athletes chosen for doping control will undergo, including both urine and blood testing.

The sample collection process is designed to be a safe process, and as comfortable as possible for athletes, while ensuring that maximum sample integrity is maintained throughout. The sample collection process is a standard procedure from notification of the athlete to the shipment of the sample to the laboratory.

For more information on the specific procedures of urine and blood collection, please use the links below.

Urine Collection Process
Blood Collection Process

Paperless Sample Collection

As shown in the video to the left, USADA Doping Control Officers, or DCOs, use a paperless format to document a drug test with greater prevalence than the paper-based Doping Control Official Record (DCOR). The paperless DCOR on the iPad continues to provide excellent security and easy access by athletes to their own testing data though their online, secured USADA accounts.

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