USADA's Testing Program - Prohibited Substances


Prohibited List

As the national anti-doping organization (NADO) in the United States, mandated to implement the World Anti-Doping (WADA) Code in this country, USADA tests for the substances and methods found on the WADA Prohibited List. The WADA Prohibited List is an important tool and international standard used in harmonization of anti-doping efforts globally.

Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs)

USADA allows for the use of prohibited substances for those athletes who show a legitimate medical need for a prohibited substance. This process is known as a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) and is also also mandated by a WADA International Standard.  (Click image to the right for download)


Strict Liability

Due to the principle of strict liability, an athlete is personally responsible for any prohibited substance found in his/her system, regardless of how the substance got there. It is important to remember that an anti-doping rule violation can happen regardless of whether an athlete deliberately uses a prohibited substance or prohibited method, or unknowingly uses a product containing a prohibited substance.