Anti-Doping Research

USADA has committed nearly $10 million to support research related to detecting and deterring the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sport.

Science Symposium

Held annually, USADA's science symposium is a global gathering of the brightest minds in anti-doping science.

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USADA's fight for clean competition is enhanced through a strong commitment to research. To date USADA has committed nearly $10 million on this front.


The USADA Science symposium has been held every year since 2002 in an effort to improve anti-doping science on a global scale. Learn more about each symposium here.

News and Notes

Science has an important role in the fight for clean competition. Stay current on the news affecting anti-doping science, as well as hot topics facing the industry.

Ask a Scientist

USADA's scientists play a crucial role in advancing the field of anti-doping science. Do you have a question for one of USADA's scientist? Ask it here.