To be the guardian of the values and life lessons learned through true sport

We hold the public trust to:

Preserve the Integrity of Competition

We preserve the value and integrity of athletic competition through just initiatives that prevent, deter and detect violations of true sport.

Inspire True Sport
We inspire present and future generations of U.S. athletes through initiatives that impart the core principles of true sport — fair play, respect for one’s competitor and respect for the fundamental fairness of competition.

Protect the Rights of U.S. Athletes

We protect the right of U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes to compete healthy and clean — to achieve their own personal victories as a result of unwavering commitment and hard work — to be celebrated as true heroes.

"USADA strives to preserve the integrity of clean sport in the U.S., and to diligently work toward creating a level playing field for all athletes. At all levels, and particularly the next generation, competitors must have the confidence that their natural ability and hard work are protected, and the conviction that it's possible to compete at the highest echelon without the use of performance-enhancing drugs." Travis Tygart, USADA Chief Executive Officer

"While USADA concentrates on the primary focus areas of testing, results management, research and education, it understands that healthy and collaborative interactions with athletes, the USOC, national governing bodies, international federations, other national anti-doping agencies, and WADA are critical to our success in furthering the anti-doping movement." – Tygart