USADA's Program

USADA's testing program is comprehensive and thorough. Learn what makes it the most effective program in sports.

Sample Collection Process

Athletes tested by USADA are subject to both urine and blood testing.

Athletes' Rights and Responsibilities

- Whereabouts Responsibilities
- Retirement Responsibilities
- Sample Collection Rights
- Disabled Athlete Rights
- Minor Athlete Rights

Results Management

What happens after the sample is collected? Learn about the results management process including program statistics and sanctions.

About USADA's Testing Program

USADA's commitment to clean athletes and the integrity of sport starts with its testing program.

Sample Collection Process

Learn about the sample collection process including procedures for blood and urine collection.

Athlete Rights & Responsibilities

Rights and responsibilities including whereabouts responsibilities and sample collection rights.

Results Management

Learn about USADA's results management processes as well as program statistics and sanctions.