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Qualified Candidates Invited to Apply to Serve as Athlete Director on USADA Board of Directors

The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) Athlete Advisory Council is pleased to announce its nationwide application process by which qualified athlete candidates may be nominated to serve as an Athlete Member on the US Anti Doping Agency’s Board of Directors.  A total of up to three candidates will be proposed to USADA’s Nominating Committee for their approval and acceptance for one of the two Athlete Member seats on USADA’s Board.  The Athlete Director shall serve a four year term starting Fall of 2012 and may be reelected for an additional four years.

Candidates should share the core values USADA: Integrity, respect, teamwork, responsibility, and courage.  The role of Athlete Member on USADA’s Board shall entail advocating and protecting athletes’ rights while remaining objective in achieving USADA’s goals.

Candidates must have represented the United States in the Olympic, Pan American, Para Pan American, Paralympic Games, World Championships, or an event designated as an Operation Gold event within the ten (10) years preceding election.  However, it is preferred that candidates have competed more recently than the 10 year rule.  No candidate should have any prior doping violations and candidates may be required to complete and adequately pass a background and criminal check.

The Anti Doping Division hopes to select from diverse pool of candidates from various backgrounds.  Although a minimum of Bachelor’s Degree is a must, no specific degree is required.  Knowledge of medicine, law, and chemistry may facilitate understanding of USADA policies and protocol.  Athletes may come from any sport under the Olympic, Paralympic, Pan American or Para Pan American umbrella?

Applicants must be persons of the highest personal and professional integrity who, in conjunction with other members of the Board, will collectively serve the long-term goals and interests of USADA.  Applicant shall remain ethical and advocate for fair play and athletes’ rights.  All candidates must satisfy and abide by USADA’s Conflict of Interest Policy and must exhibit a level of independence, limiting their and their immediate family’s involvement in a financial or governance capacity with organizations in which USADA conducts doping controls.  A copy of the Conflict of Interest policy is available upon request.

Expected Time Commitments:

  • USADA Board meets two to three times per year
  • USADA Board has occasional teleconferences
  • Each Directors is expected to serve on one to two sub-committees
  • The elected Athlete Director is expected to attend all scheduled AAC meeting.

All Applications for nomination must be submitted by January 15th, 2012, and shall be submitted to BOTH Ashu Jain (usattathlete@gmail.com) and Joanna Hayes (joannahayes76@aol.com). 

Interested persons should submit the following:

  • Cover letter summarizing qualifications, expertise, and willingness to serve starting Fall of 2012
  • Detailed Resume/Curriculum Vitae
  • Date of most recent Operation Gold event along with short-list of major international competitions and awards
  • Statement testifying that there have been no prior doping offenses or violations
  • Any potential conflicts of interest
  • Any governance positions held in the past (if any)
  • A recent picture is recommended however not required

Tentative Timeline for Application Process:

  • Application Deadline January 15th, 2012
  • Interview and Review Process January 16th – February 19th.
  • End of February or first AAC meeting of the year to ratify Subdivision’s nominations.  If nominations are accepted, final candidates will be forwarded to USADA’s Nominating Committee by March 15th, 2012.  4-Year term begins Fall of 2012.

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