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USADA Board of Directors Endorses World Anti-Doping Code

The Board of Directors of the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) fully endorsed the passing of the universal World Anti-Doping Code, following its Board meeting on March 14, USADA Chief Executive Officer Terry Madden announced Monday.

The Code was designed to ensure harmonization of anti-doping efforts across all sports and governments. It is a core document that provides a framework for anti-doping policies, rules and regulations within sport organizations and among public authorities. The Code was formally adopted on March 5 at the World Conference on Doping in Sport in Copenhagen, following the final approval by the WADA Foundation Board.

“With the passing of the World Anti-Doping Code, the world of sport takes a giant step forward in harmonizing efforts to eliminate doping. For the first time ever, athletes from all sports and nations will be treated on an equal basis,” said USADA Chairman of the Board Frank Shorter. “The United States Anti-Doping Agency applauds the result of the Code, and that the Code brings fairness to U.S. athletes. USADA would also like to congratulate WADA for its hard work in unifying the world’s effort for a level playing field. “

The implementation of the Code is expected in time for the start of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece.

USADA is the independent anti-doping agency for U.S. Olympic, Pan American and Paralympic athletes, and  is responsible for managing the testing and adjudication process for U.S. Olympic, Pan Am and Paralympic athletes. USADA is equally dedicated to preserving the integrity of sport through research initiatives and educational programs.

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