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USADA’s ThatsDope.org Targets Teens Addicted to Sports, Not Drugs

Training tips and nutritional knowledge for improving athletic performance are just a few pieces of the useful information available at ThatsDope.org, a new Web site launched by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). Filled with facts, and fun, for teen athletes who are addicted to sports, not drugs, ThatsDope.org is an initiative of USADA Education to provide outstanding resources on a variety of significant topics.

“Athletic competition and sports play an important role in the physical, psychological and mental development of our youth, and provide young people valuable life-lessons about teamwork, goal-setting, discipline and the value of hard work,” said White House Deputy “Drug Czar” Scott

M. Burns. “The intentional misuse of performance- enhancing drugs, like steroids, undermines the value of clean competition and fair-play, and leads to unhealthy consequences. USADA’s new Web site continues to advocate our shared messages that athletic competition should be fair, and our athletes be drug-free.”

At ThatsDope.org, young athletes interested in an effective training program or other aspects of athletic performance can find valuable recommendations by going to The Edge. In Fuel to Burn, athletes wanting to improve their game without the use of supplements or prohibited substances can learn not only the nutritional what but also the when about the foods their body needs to perform at its best. And, they can check Over the Counter to discover the difference between energy drinks and stimulant drinks

For the many student-athletes preparing a report for school, The Paper Trail is a fact-filled source for anti- doping history as well as specifics on the side effects of commonly-used substances. And, for anyone who does

not find the information he or she needs, Ask Away provides the opportunity to get other questions answered by an expert.

“The Colorado Department of Education values participation in sport as a critical part of a student’s educational experience,” said Colorado Commissioner of Education Dwight D. Jones.  “With too many highly-visible examples of cheating in sports, more resources are needed to educate the next generation of athletes about the value of clean sport.  ThatsDope.org has the most up-to-date information to equip students with the information necessary to make informed and healthy decisions.  Its cutting-edge technology and design are perfectly geared to reach today’s high school student. I believe ThatsDope.org is an outstanding supplemental resource for teachers, coaches and students in Colorado and across the country.”

USADA Education provides a variety of current information and state-of-the art programming for elite athletes, youth, and coaches, trainers and other athlete support personnel at usada.org, where they can explore the many publications and interactive projects that provide important anti-doping information and learning tools for ethical and healthy decision-making. Among the publications available are “Optimal Dietary Intake for Sport, For Life … The Basics”, which provides guidelines to help optimize dietary intake for sports competitors; “The Journey Struggling with Ethics in Sport” featuring activities to apply ethical decision-making and in setting goals for a balanced life; and “The Joy of Sport”, a quick reference for youth and parents covering ethical decision-making, the health consequences of performance-enhancing substances and nutrition.  Current learning tools include “Cheating Your Health”, the “Gold Medal Game” and “100% Me”, a interactive Web site for children.

“The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency has done a great job on their new Web site for teens, ThatsDope.org,” said a USA Swimming spokesperson. “They have created a site that would appeal to teenagers with eye-catching pictures and graphics. Most importantly, they have provided valuable information about ethics, nutrition and the health risks associated with performance-enhancing substances in a format that keeps the attention of our young athletes. USA Swimming will definitely share this Web site with our teenage athletes and their parents and coaches.”

USADA is a non-profit, non-governmental independent agency dedicated to preserving the integrity of sport through research initiatives and educational programs. USADA is also responsible for the testing and results management process for athletes in the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movement.

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