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Statement from USADA CEO Travis T. Tygart on WADA’s Foundation Board Meeting

USADA registered logo.“As predicted, WADA is much better at circling the wagons than they are at actually being transparent. The fact is that WADA leaders violated their own rules by, at a minimum, not finding any violations or publicizing the cases. This is self-evident, no matter how many times or how angrily WADA denies it and replays its scripted efforts to convince the world everything is okay. Trust comes from truth and transparency, not obfuscation and childish bluster. Unfortunately, we all know that when you are afraid of the facts, the classic response is to attack the messenger, distract from the real issues, and make it personal. That’s exactly what we continue to see from WADA. And most devastating, WADA has now resorted to attacking athletes, the very people it is supposed to protect.

Today’s meeting further demonstrated that the global anti-doping system is as broken as ever and needs immediate reform. Along with athletes of the world, we have asked for basic answers and transparency. The world has legitimate questions about how WADA could turn a blind eye to 23 positive tests on the eve of the Tokyo Olympic Games, and today, WADA reinforced those concerns by admitting they purposefully tried to keep this information from going public—the very definition of sweeping it under the carpet. Instead of threats and attacks, we call on WADA to actually lead by taking action and to provide real answers by producing the full China file for the world to evaluate.”

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