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TrueSport and USA Swimming Announce Newest 2016 Deck Pass Lessons for Third Year of Partnership

swimming_post2February 24, 2016

TrueSport, a movement powered by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), and in conjunction with USA Swimming, is pleased to announce the newest 2016 Deck Pass lessons for the third year of their partnership.

Beginning Feb. 24, Deck Pass users can earn up to 35 limited-edition patches by completing activities, video lessons and quizzes in USA Swimming’s Deck Pass app. The lessons incorporate video encouragement and inspirational stories from TrueSport Ambassador and two-time Olympic swimmer, Elizabeth Beisel. Through exciting activities in areas like nutrition, leadership, goal-setting and decision-making, more than 294,000 Deck Pass users have the ability to gain skills that will help them succeed both in and out of the pool.

“Our new 2016 lessons go more in-depth on important attributes such as nutrition, goal-setting and leadership skills,” said Jim Fox, USA Swimming marketing director.

A survey conducted at the end of 2015 showed that 97.2% of Deck Pass users believed that the TrueSport-Deck Pass lessons were educational, while 91% of participants said they applied some of what they learned from lessons to everyday situations. In fact, in two years, youth swimmers have earned a total of 1.2 million TrueSport Deck Pass patches.

“Over the past two years, we’ve had great success with our Deck Pass TrueSport partnership creating a positive culture for our USA Swimming membership through the TrueSport lessons,” said Fox.

TrueSport business development manager, Lisa Voight echoed Fox’s sentiment saying, “With two years of success highlighted by one million TrueSport patches delivered and an 87% positive impact, we look forward to 2016.”

For more details on the TrueSport and Deck Pass partnership, visit us at TrueSport or USA Swimming.

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