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Notification of Results

Athletes tested by USADA will receive their results by mail within 2-6 weeks from the date of their test. Tests administered by USADA on behalf of other sport organizations or federations will be subject to that organization's results management process and Athletes will not receive results for those tests from USADA.
The table below explains the approximate notification timeline for various parts of the results management process. Note: (This timeline is for general guidance only and does not create any obligation, requirement, or right under the USADA Protocol).
Step In Process Notice Goes To
Sample Provided by Athlete

2-6 Weeks

Negative A laboratory report Athlete, NGB, and USOC
Adverse Analytical Finding A lab report Athlete, NGB, IF, WADA, and USOC1

2 Weeks

B lab report Athlete, NGB, IF, WADA, and USOC

3 weeks

Review Panel Recommendation Athlete, NGB, USOC, IF, and WADA

10 days

Notice that the athlete has accepted a sanction proposed by USADA Athlete, NGB, USOC, IF, and WADA - Public announcement of sanction
Notice of hearing Athlete, IF, (NGB, USOC, and WADA, but not as parties)

3 Months

AAA/CAS Decision Athlete, IF, NGB, USOC, and WADA - Public announcement of decision if Rule Violation is found

20 days

Appeal by Athlete, USADA, WADA or IF of AAA decision to CAS Athlete, IF, NGB, USOC, and WADA

3 months

Decision by CAS on appeal CAS decision is a public document

1 Notice from USADA will include the date and location of the Sample collection, the Athlete’s Sample number and name, and the laboratory test result. WADA-accredited laboratories are required to give notice to WADA and the relevant IF directly any time there is an Adverse Analytical Finding on an A or B test. The Code requires USADA to provide this laboratory information and the Athlete’s name to the relevant IF and WADA.