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Santiago 2023
Anti-Doping Information

Testing During the Games

  • The Panam Sports Organization will be responsible for conducting all aspects of Doping Control. Any aspect of Doping Control or anti-doping Education may be delegated by Panam Sports to a Delegated Third Party for the Pan American Games.
  • The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) will be responsible for the Parapan American Games.
  • Certified Doping Control Officers appointed by the Panam Sport Organization, will collect samples during the Games. All urine and blood samples will be analyzed at a WADA-accredited laboratory.
  • Throughout the doping control process, an athlete has the right to an interpreter, as well as a representative. USADA strongly encourages all athletes to have a representative, such as a coach, team representative, or doctor present during the doping control process. If you have questions or concerns regarding doping control, ask the DCO to explain.
  • The “in-competition” testing period commences at 11:59 p.m. on the day before a competition in which the athlete is scheduled to participate and continues through the end of the competition or the sample collection process related to the competition. Some substances are prohibited only during the “in-competition” period, while others are prohibited at all times. Any test that occurs outside of the in-competition period is considered an out-of-competition test.


  • For the Games, all Team USA athletes will need to provide complete Whereabouts that include:
    1. Building and room number in the Athlete Village (if staying in the village)
    2. Training locations/schedule at the Games
    3. Detailed accommodation information (if not staying in the village)
    4. Travel days when traveling to/from Chile
  • Athletes should update their Whereabouts before they leave, during the Games, and when/if their schedule changes. The athlete is ultimately responsible for maintaining accurate and up-to-date Whereabouts information.

Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs)

  • If an athlete purchases medications in the United States prior to leaving, check them at GlobalDRO.com  before use to determine if a TUE is necessary. If an athlete needs to purchase medication while in Santiago, please work with the USOPC Medical Team to determine if the medication is permitted before use.
  • Be aware of specific rules on volume limits for injections/infusions.
  • Existing TUEs approved by USADA or an International Federation (IF) before the period of the Games must be recognized by the Panam Sports Organization for the Pan American Games and the IPC for the Parapan American Games to be valid. Contact the Panam Sports Organization at tue@panamsports.org or the IPC at tue@paralympic.org with questions.
  • Pan American athletes may submit new TUEs with USADA until September 20th, at tue@USADA.org. Beginning September 21st, TUEs must be submitted to the Panam Sports Organization (tue@panamsports.org ). If an athlete submits a TUE directly to the Panam Sports Organization, USADA encourages athletes to include USADA at tue@USADA.org. For more information on Pan American Games TUEs in Santiago, please visit the official rules and the Panam Sports TUE policy.
  • Parapan American athletes may submit new TUEs with USADA until October 17th, at tue@USADA.org. Beginning October 18th, TUEs must be submitted to the IPC (tue@paralympic.org). If an athlete submits directly to the IPC, USADA encourages athletes to include USADA at tue@USADA.org. For more information on Parapan American Game TUEs, please visit the IPC TUE website.

meat contamination

Recent changes to the anti-doping rules have greatly reduced the chances of an anti-doping rule violation due to meat contamination. However, USADA still urges athletes to use the utmost care and caution when eating meat while traveling abroad, and to be aware of the potential for contamination.

In santiago with questions?

Pan Am Sports Organization Anti-Doping Rules (Rules)

International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Anti-Doping Code (IPC Code)

– Contact your Team USA Leader

– Contact USADA 24/7 during the period of the Games at (719) 785-2000.


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