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Former Pro Cyclist Tyler Hamilton Reflects on Lessons Learned

In 2013, former professional cyclist Tyler Hamilton sat down to talk about his time on the pro tour. Speaking candidly, Hamilton discussed the culture he experienced, the lessons he learned and the choices he made. In this clip, Hamilton reflects on his victories as a rider and how they were ultimately diminished by his decision to live a lie. He also speaks about his choice to come clean and tell the truth, as well as the bright future he envisions for the next generation.

Read the transcript of this clip below:

“…all the things I learned. You know, I saw some of the highest of highs. I won a Gold Medal. I won a stage at the Tour de France. I won a Cycling World Cup, you know, one of the hardest one-day races in the world. None of it was worth it. I made a lot of money at one time in my life and none of it was worth it. When you’re trapped inside such a massive lie like that, you’re in your own personal prison and the only way out is with the truth, the whole truth. I, fortunately, had the luck to finally tell the truth. For a long time, I was planning on taking all the secrets to the grave because I thought that was the right thing to do. But I finally did the right thing and it’s changed my life – all for the better. Hopefully, I can move forward and teach the younger generations of my mistakes and how they can make the right choices in the first place.”

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