Red Flags

There are a number of other danger signs that athletes should watch out for when Doctors Advicedetermining if a specific supplement might be more risky than others. Some of the red flags are listed immediately below, or you can read the "more information" area for the full list of red flags. Beware of products that:

  • Advertise themselves as muscle-building (body building, weight gainer), weight-loss, sexual enhancement, or energy “supplements.”
  • Contain ingredients ending in -ol, - idol, –stene, or that contain numbers.
  • Contain proprietary blends in the ingredients.
  • Contain “trademarked” or “patented” ingredients or blends of ingredients.
  • Claim to treat a disease (cancer, obesity, the common cold, etc).
  • Advertise themselves as “newest scientific breakthrough,” “secret formula,” “money back guarantee” or “what the FDA doesn’t want you to know.”
  • Claim to be safe because “they have been used for thousands of years” or are deemed “traditional.”
  • Claim to be an alternative to prescription medication.
  • Contain herbal ingredients.
  • Make with "too good to be true" claims.

Supplement Red Flags