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Prominent Athletes Join USADA’s Efforts to Inspire Clean Sport

USADA announces the launch of its My Victory campaign aimed at helping America’s athletes understand and embrace the ideals of competing clean. True to USADA’s mission, this campaign is another step toward protecting the integrity of fair and clean competition, and ensuring the health of America’s athletes.

USADA’s My Victory campaign was developed in collaboration with a number of America’s inspirational Olympic athletes. The name My Victory symbolizes the ideal that all athletes fully dedicate themselves and make sacrifices for the love of their sport, in the interest of reaching the pinnacle of success, which is personal achievement through honest effort and ability, and without performance-enhancing drugs. The My Victory campaign is an ongoing effort by USADA to revitalize the true purpose of athletic competition, and refers to all athletes striving to achieve their own victories, whether that means placing first, third, fifth, tenth…or simply participating for the joy of competition.

“As athletes, we feel strongly about having a platform to demonstrate that hard work and 365-day-a- year dedication, combined with natural ability can lead to the achievement of the Olympic dream,” says Michael Phelps. “We want to be living proof and an inspiration for those athletes who come behind us that there are no short cuts to achieving results.”

The athlete-members appearing in this public service campaign serve as role models for the mission of protecting clean sport, and have voluntarily committed their participation in order to demonstrate their allegiance to the principle of fair play. As a part of the My Victory campaign, these athletes have pledged to formally uphold this commitment to clean sport. In this role, these athletes serve as representatives of their sports and the overwhelming number of America’s athletes who compete clean and pursue true achievement. USADA is encouraging all athletes to make a pledge for clean sport by visiting the My Victory section of the USADA website at www.USADA.org/MyVictory.

The athlete-members participating in My Victory include:

  • Kristin Armstrong (Cycling)
  • Jeremiah Bishop (Cycling)
  • Bryan Clay (Track & Field)
  • Natalie Coughlin (Swimming)
  • Allyson Felix (Track & Field)
  • Tyson Gay (Track & Field)
  • Sarah Hammer (Cycling)
  • Michael Phelps (Swimming)
  • Christine Thorburn (Cycling),
  • Dara Torres (Swimming)
  • Dee Dee Trotter (Track & Field)
  • Lauryn Williams (Track & Field)


USADA is pleased to have support and collaborative relationships for this campaign with a number of entities who embrace the anti-doping movement, including the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP).

John P. Walters, Director, National Drug Control Policy stated: “Educating young athletes about the health dangers and ethical consequences of drug use in sport is an essential component in our anti- doping efforts. With the Beijing Games rapidly approaching, USADA’s My Victory campaign delivers a timely and candid message about the importance of competing drug-free. As a nation, we owe these athletes tremendous gratitude for their leadership, not only on the playing field, but for their willingness to step forward and speak with passion and commitment on this important topic. Their efforts will directly touch many aspiring young athletes and send a powerful message about the true value of sport and competition.”

The My Victory multi-media campaign speaks directly to athletes and athlete-supporters, and includes audio, video, print, and online components, as well as promotional materials. In addition, a comprehensive mini-site at www.USADA.org/MyVictory will provide an interactive platform for viewers to engage with the athlete-members and to take the pledge for clean sport. A YouTube interface will also allow viewers to post and share their own “My Victory” video experiences.

USADA is responsible for the testing and results management process for athletes in the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movement.  USADA is equally dedicated to preserving the integrity of sport through research initiatives and educational programs.

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