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how to add travel in Athlete Connect

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to add travel plans in Athlete Connect. It includes details on adding locations, dates, and times, as well as repeating events. By following these steps, you can easily keep track of your travel plans and ensure that they are integrated into your schedule.

1. Open Athlete Connect on your mobile device, computer, or tablet.
2. Select the quarter header for which quarter you would like to add travel details. Note that filing status may be different from screenshot provided.
3. Read the Whereabouts Filing Wizard Instructions and click the “Continue” button.
Athlete Connect welcome to the Whereabouts Filing Wizard screenshot.
4. Select “Travel.”
Athlete Connect travel button highlight screenshot.
5. Ensure that the “Travel” tab is selected at the top of the application. Enter the date for your travel by providing the “mm/dd/yyyy” details or by clicking the calendar icon.
Athlete Connect travel tab and date highlighted screenshot.
6. Enter the departure time in the “Start Time” field and the arrival time in the “End Time” field. Note that if you are entering an overnight flight, you must complete two travel entries. For instance, one entry from 9 p.m.-11:59 p.m., and another entry from 12:00 a.m.-6:00 a.m.
Athlete Connect travel start and end time highlight screenshot.
7. Click the “Select a Location” dropdown to enter where you are traveling to.
8. If entering a new location, click the “Label” field to provide a nickname you will remember. Please be as specific as possible with your nickname to avoid confusion. Add the address for your arrival destination by entering the address for your competition in the “Search for address” bar. Google location services will begin to populate the address once you have entered enough information. Click on the appropriate address for your overnight location. Make sure you have selected the right address before proceeding to the next step.
Athlete Connect add a location "Vegas Airport" screenshot.
9. Utilize the “Note” field to provide additional information about your travel plans.
Athlete Connect new location note highlight screenshot featuring Vegas Airport details.
10. Click the “Add” button once your travel details have been entered.
Athlete Connect entry add button highlight screenshot.
11. Make sure to update overnights for your trip by navigating to the quarter filing menu and selecting “Overnight.” Make sure to update to the correct date(s).
Athlete Connect filing entry options screenshots.
12. Make sure to enter your return travel, too.
13. Check the calendar to confirm that your travel and overnights are accurate.
Screenshot of Athlete Connect app with highlight over Calendar date.
14. Make sure to enter your return travel, too.
Screenshot of Athlete Connect app with highlight over over Add to Calendar button.
15. Confirm your return travel on your calendar. Click “Home” to return to your dashboard.
Screenshot of Athlete Connect app with highlight over Home icon.

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