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Coaches: 5 Things to Remember Before Your Athletes Head to Competition

At USADA, we know that preparing for competition can be a time-consuming process both physically and mentally, but it’s important to remember the anti-doping requirements that go along with high-level sporting events. We created a brief list of anti-doping responsibilities to help you and your athletes prepare for clean competition.

Here are five things to remember before your athletes head to competition:


1. Review the WADA Prohibited List and visit GlobalDRO.com to check on the status of all your athlete’s medications.

If your athlete is taking any medications, you can use Global Drug Reference Online (GlobalDRO) to check on the prohibited status of prescription medications. Global DRO is mobile enabled and allows you to search active ingredients and prescription medications procured in the U.S., Japan, Canada, and the UK.

Importantly, Global DRO also indicates if a substance is prohibited in-competition and/or out-of-competition.


2. Learn about the risks associated with supplement use.

Athletes who choose to take supplements do so at their own risk and they are ultimately responsible for what goes in their body. Because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t confirm the ingredients in dietary supplements, supplements can be contaminated and the ingredient labels aren’t always accurate.

USADA is unable to guarantee the safety of any dietary supplements, and the use of dietary supplements may have health consequences, or cause a positive test.


3. Apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) immediately if your athlete needs to use a medically necessary substance that’s on the prohibited list.

On USADA’s website, you can find TUE applications and condition-specific guidance documents, which outline the diagnostic requirements and other medical criteria for a TUE.

After reviewing these documents, an athlete has to take the application and the guidance document to their primary care physician, who will need to fill out the forms and provide all the required medical documentation.

You can then help your athlete review and submit the completed application to USADA.


4. Share the TrueSport Values.

USADA powers the TrueSport initiative to advocate for the positive values learned through sport and it unites members of the sports community to ensure that sport lives up to its full potential. The TrueSport initiative encourages athletes and coaches to compete the right way by upholding five core values: integrity, respect, teamwork, responsibility, and courage.

If you believe in these values, check out the various TrueSport programs at www.TrueSport.org  that are inspiring a cultural shift in sport. TrueSport also leads the TrueSport Ambassador program, which connects elite athlete role models with young athletes in the community.


5. You can always contact USADA with any questions or concerns.

Coaches and athletes can always contact USADA with questions about medications, TUEs, testing, and other concerns. Call Athlete Connect at (866) 601-2632, email athleteconnect@USADA.org, or visit us online at www.USADA.org.

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