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The Role of Science in Anti-Doping

Science plays a crucial role in in the fight for clean sport and USADA’s team of experts play a major role in applying and growing the field of anti-doping science, which brings together toxicology, pharmacology, clinical chemistry, and biological sciences. As USADA Chief Science Officer Dr. Matt Fedoruk explains, anti-doping science helps determine who USADA tests, it facilitates evidence analysis during the results management process, and it’s the foundation of anti-doping education and deterrence efforts.

USADA also contributes to global efforts to further anti-doping science in an effort to enhance existing methods and identify new detection methods. Most notably, USADA works to facilitate collaboration in anti-doping science through its Science Symposium, an annual event that brings together experts with diverse scientific backgrounds from around the world. Dr. Fedoruk also serves on international committees that drive anti-doping policy and continually seek to raise the bar on anti-doping effectiveness.

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