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ATHLETE REMINDER: 2018 Prohibited List Now in Effect

DISCLAIMER: This content is NOT being updated and is only current as of the publication date.

2018 Prohibited List

USADA would like to remind all athletes that the 2018 WADA Prohibited List went into effect on January 1, 2018. The 2018 WADA Prohibited List does include changes from the previous year, so we strongly encourage athletes and their support personnel to review the updated 2018 WADA Prohibited List and use the resources below to better understand the changes.

Remember, an athlete is solely responsible for any substance they use, regardless of the route of administration. Athlete support personnel, including coaches, parents, and medical staff, should also be familiar with the Prohibited List to help protect the clean athletes they support.

Prohibited List Resources:

Summary of Prohibited List Changes:

Explore a brief summary of highlighted changes to the WADA Prohibited List.

Athlete Guide to the 2018 Prohibited List:

While not exhaustive, this Guide provides in-depth guidance on how the WADA Prohibited List pertains to athletes, and it should be reviewed in conjunction with the List.

Cannabidiol in 2018: Four Questions Answered:

Learn more about the rule change regarding cannabidiol and why CBD products are still risky for athletes.


Athlete Tools

Don’t forget to use the tools below to check the status of specific substances, products or ingredients, and to learn more about dietary supplements. For additional help, direct questions to Athlete Express via phone or email.

globaldro_logo prohibited list tools

Research your medications on GlobalDRO.com, an easy-to-use and trusted resource available 24/7/365 to athletes and support personnel in Australia, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.




Learn how to realize, recognize, and reduce risk from dietary supplements on Supplement411.org. Also explore some dietary supplement products that contain prohibited substances by reviewing the USADA High Risk List.





Contact Athlete Express with questions at 866-601-2632 or at athleteexpress@usada.org.



Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs)

Athletes, like all people, may have medically justified illnesses or conditions that require them to take a particular medication/substance, or undergo certain procedures/methods. If the substance or method appears on the WADA Prohibited List, athletes may be granted a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE), which gives them permission to take a prohibited substance or use a prohibited method for a specific duration. TUEs are only reviewed once the athlete provides a completed TUE application, including the supporting diagnosis and medical documentation necessary for an independent TUE Committee to determine that a substance or method meets the WADA International Standard for TUEs criteria. Learn more here.

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