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What are Non-Analytical Anti-Doping Rule Violations?

Unlike an adverse analytical finding, a non-analytical anti-doping rule violation (ADRV) does not stem from a positive urine or blood sample, but instead originates from, and is substantiated by, other evidence of doping or violations by an athlete or athlete support personnel. For example, a non-analytical ADRV may stem from an investigation into a tip to a confidential hotline.

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USADA’s Registered Testing Pool: The Notification Process

What is the RTP? When athletes are added to USADA’s Registered Testing Pool, or RTP, it’s usually because they are among the highest-performing athletes in their sport, and as their performances increase, so to do their anti-doping responsibilities. Unlike other competitors, RTP athletes are responsible for providing USADA with their Whereabouts information, including their training…

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Athlete’s Advantage Tutorial: USADA’s Annual Education for RTP Athletes

  For USADA, anti-doping starts with prevention, meaning that we maintain a comprehensive education program that primarily focuses on the elite level athletes who are part of the USADA Registered Testing Pool (RTP). USADA has spent years honing its outreach initiatives to ensure that every RTP athlete receives the information they need to successfully comply…