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Category: Athlete Education

Then and Now: Education

Education of athletes is a key priority for USADA, and we strive to provide athletes with the information they want and need to be successfully clean.

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Then and Now: Whereabouts

Whereabouts filing has been a part of the anti-doping program since the creation of USADA. However, the way that whereabouts were filed in the year 2000 looked a lot different than the way athletes file whereabouts now.

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How does USADA pick who to test?

Selecting Athletes for Testing

Selecting Athletes for Testing USADA staff go to great lengths to develop an efficient and effective test distribution plan that allocates our resources intelligently. Factors for determining tests align with WADA’s International Standards for Testing and Investigations and may include: Physical demands of the sport and possible performance-enhancing effects that doping may elicit Doping analysis

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