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Attention Sochi Athletes

Spirit of Sport Newsletter – Winter 2013-2014

USADA strives to keep things as simple as possible for athletes in the USADA Registered Testing Pool (RTP). With the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games on the horizon, there are a few things athletes who intend to compete in the Games need to know.

To help Sochi-hopefuls understand the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and International Paralympic Committee (IPC) anti-doping rules, USADA’s Olympic Education Team has created a simple way for athletes to remember their rights and responsibilities. Just remember Team U.S.A…

Use Your Resources
Stick with the Whereabouts Routine
Achieve Your Goals


Use your resources: The USADA Sochi 2014 Emergency Phone Line (719-290-8043), available to athletes only during the Olympics and Paralympics, and usada.org/sochi2014 are a few of the resources available to Sochi-bound athletes, coaches, and athlete support staff.

The website highlights the IOC and IPC rules for the Games, the dates of the official period of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and offers a brief recorded presentation which shows the testing equipment that will be used during the Games. The status of medications can still be checked on GlobalDRO.com.

Stick with the Whereabouts routine: Leading up to and during the Games, athletes should continue to file and update whereabouts as they normally would—including their training schedule and address, competition, room location in the Olympic or Paralympic Village, and other regularly-scheduled activities.

Achieve your goals: What an accomplishment it is for athletes to make it to the Olympics or Paralympics! The time and effort put in to reach that goal has not gone unnoticed at USADA so we say congratulations! We are proud to support the clean athletes representing the United States and wish them the best of luck on their true sport journey.

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