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Summer TrueSport Camps

TrueSport is powered by USADA and seeks to ensure a positive youth experience. TrueSport Camps operate with integrity and uphold a higher standard by teaching a variety of TrueSport lessons from our three pillars:  clean competition, sportsmanship, and peak performance. The TrueSport Camp program is changing the landscape of youth sports by teaching athletes, coaches, and parents how to win the right way.  This summer, through the camp program, TrueSport reached over 9,500 kids and 650 coaches from 49 different states and 6 different countries.

Employees of USADA and the TrueSport department traveled throughout the country participating in seven programs and a total of 55 camps, which included: Colorado College Volleyball, Landsharks Running Club, LXTC Lacrosse, Rocky Mountain Soccer, Texas A&M Women’s Basketball, U.S. Air Force Academy, and USA Volleyball.

These employees work toward the success of the TrueSport camps raising awareness for the TrueSport message, creating lesson plans and programs, as well as working with Athlete Ambassadors who attend the camps.

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