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What are Whereabouts Failures?

The World Anti-Doping Code requires that athletes comply with Whereabouts and testing obligations, and failure to comply with an obligation will result in a Whereabouts Failure. There are two types of Whereabouts Failures: Filing Failures and Missed Tests. 

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Growth Hormone in Sport: What Athletes Should Know

When it comes to building speed, strength, and recovery, growth hormone (GH), and more specifically human growth hormone (hGH), has often been touted as one way to get an edge. Athletes, however, should know the risks associated with growth hormone from a health and clean sport perspective.

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Designer Stimulants: What Athletes Should Know

As many designer stimulants become more widely available online and illegally included in supplements, it’s important for athletes and support personnel to recognize the risk, both from an anti-doping perspective and a health perspective.

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Is Octodrine Allowed in Sport?

For athletes who do choose to use supplements despite the risks, there are ways to minimize that risk. One ingredient athletes should be particularly aware of is octodrine.

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