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UFC Anti-Doping Program

In 2015, by partnering with UFC, USADA implemented the first independent anti-doping program in U.S. professional sport. This program helped UFC position itself at the forefront of the fight for clean sport in mixed martial arts. Athletes have since reported that competing in a sport with a strong, year-round anti-doping program, like the UFC’s, is important to them. The UFC Anti-Doping Program gives them confidence that they are competing in a clean Octagon.

USADA provides UFC with a centralized and consistent anti-doping experience for more than 650 athletes, in more than 58 countries, navigating more than 8 languages. Our goal is to ensure every athlete has the opportunity to be successful under the UFC Anti-Doping Program and is able to compete on a fair and level playing field.

The UFC Anti-Doping Policy is modeled on key elements of the World Anti-Doping Code and executed with the same commitment to excellence that USADA is known for around the world, which both protects the safety of UFC athletes and adds legitimacy to the sport.

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